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Set on the lawn of the Oak Grove provenance cafe in the museum's west wing, this sculpture depicts a horse made of driftwood pieces and cast bronze. This work of art is not a sculpture of a human being, but rather a representation of an animal, a dog or even a bird.

This is part of the efforts outlined in the project's Landscape Plan 2018 to treat the park's surroundings as a natural extension of the park, not as a separate park within a park. This is a 1.5 hectare, 1.5-metre garden with trees, shaded walkways and views, crossed by a restored stream bank. The garden is reminiscent of Central Park and will be completed in time for the opening of New York City's first public park in 20 years.

Swollen by severe storms, Doan Brook broke through the slate banks next to the museum and threatened its driveway and parking garage. Last year, the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District completed a $2.4 million redevelopment of the creek that moved it away from the museum and widened its flood plain so it can spread more safely in heavy rains. Maintenance buildings were also removed and new ones built, and the first step was to install works by the American artist Deborah Butterfield donated by collectors Joseph and Nancy Keithley.

The green belt stretches to the northern end of the Fine Arts Garden and forms the stage for the Smith Gate, located to the north where Doan Brook appears. The Smith gates were embellished and opened into an unkempt mess, intended to send a non-verbal message. The collection of revitalized public spaces in Brook Park will also be expanded, including the 15-acre North Family Greenway, also designed by Sasaki and due to be completed in 2018. This is the first of a series of green spaces that extend from the East End and connect the Museum and Fine Arts Garden, both west of East 105th Street, to build a stage in front of Smith's gate.

Other works nearby include a new entrance to the garden of the Museum of Fine Arts and the addition of an outdoor amphitheater. The museum is also being redesigned as part of Wade's gift, which will also be embedded in Brook Park Greenway, a 15-acre strip of green belt.

Future projects in the Fine Arts Garden include the addition of a barrier-free walkway and the renovation of retaining walls surrounding the lagoon, Strean said. These works underscore the museum's mission to be a museum piece in Doans Brook. While Ohio residents enjoy mostly pleasant conditions, it is important that there is so much protection from bad weather that Ohio can also include flooding due to the park's proximity to the river.

The installers at Brook Park have been trained in all types of water heaters and can work with all types of equipment. This includes water that collects in the basement or other areas of the house, and leaking pipes can be found and repaired with the modern tools at their disposal.

In the two short days it took to complete this project, these three people showed that they are to be admired. They had a great attitude and work ethic, worked hard in the rain and mud to get the job done, and focused on what they wanted instead of forgetting to do their job.

Rick and his crew worked with other companies on different projects and were by far the best we ever had. They were respectful, informative and worked well to meet the needs of us and their highly qualified team.

In Brook Park, 6.4% have no health insurance, 16.9% have a disability and 4.5% are unspecified. Demographically, it is a small town with a population of about 5,000 people and an average age of 35. We provide a large fleet of service vehicles to GreaterBrook Park and serve this wonderful community located in the Greater Cleveland, Ohio area.

The three highest ranked hospitals in Ohio are Akron General Hospital, Cleveland Children's Hospital and Cleveland Memorial Hospital. Pompeii, which has been bowing for three generations, and the Cleveland Clinic, one of the largest medical centers in the country.

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More About Brook Park