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This year, the city is not staging a trick or treating event, but a special event at Brook Park Village Community Center on Saturday, October 31.

After hosting many of the biggest events in recent decades, Cleveland will close the I-X Center later this year. On Wednesday afternoon, the operator announced that it was closing its doors after a few rides and events. The center built a $1.5 million Ferris wheel in the early 1990s, and the wheel has become a fixture in the Brook Park community center and other events across the city. From the clanking of the park to the iconic Ferris wheel, this huge event center has been bringing Northeast ohioans together for over 40 years.

Cleveland claimed the I-X Center and moved to the huge exhibition center near Cleveland Airport. Cleveland assigned NASA's Glenn Research Center to Brook Park as part of a land swap and tax sharing agreement and claimed it for itself. The convention center in downtown Cleveland was eclipsed then and quickly became a center for trade fairs.

In the 1990s, Gully Brook was identified as a property that should be protected by Lake Metroparks. The creek is protected because it is home to a variety of plant and animal species.

Unlike Wooster, this one-day event is not coordinated or sponsored by the city. We prefer family-friendly events that are just a short walk or drive away, so you can support the economy of your home town. Special events, including tailgating and sporting events in Brook Park, Ohio, are always good value. Our calendar is full of coupons for popular local retailers, so save money to support small businesses right in our hometown.

Brook Park, Ohio, has some of the best restaurants and beverage options in the state of Ohio, and we offer them at ridiculously low prices.

The Lake Metroparks Greenway Corridor runs for 5 miles through Painesville, Painville Township and Concord Township. Most of the way follows the abandoned Baltimore and Ohio rail corridor through a mostly rural landscape, in places heavily forested, with a few small villages along the way.

Walking and studying nesting hawks and owls was an early pastime for me, as I enjoyed the birds that were once known far and wide, such as the blue heron, the little owl and the black hawk.

The locals have become familiar with the gutter in the stream, which used to be my destination. Today visitors can enjoy the opportunity to reconnect with nature in a natural environment such as the Gully stream path or the stream, or even by taking a walk in the woods.

The Cleveland Metroparks' Lake - to - Lake Trail connects Cleveland Lake Park to Lake Erie via an asphalt promenade and a surface path. The Middle Branch Trail follows Middle Branch from the Lake Shore Drive parking lot on the west side of the park to the lake.

The Steel Mill Trail is part of the Bridgeway Trail, which lies between the picturesque forest park and the shores of Lake Erie. Mahones meander through the park, from the east side of Lake Shore Drive to the northern end of Cleveland Lake Park.

The Olde Muskingum Trail runs parallel to the Tuscarawas River and the Ohio-Erie Canalway and in some places just 2.5 miles south of Georgetown Road. The Hoover Park Connector Trail is located in the heart of North Canton, Ohio and stretches from the Portage Hike & Bike Trail to the northern end of Lake Erie, north of Cleveland Lake Park.

The Olde Muskingum Trail runs parallel to Interstate 480 and in some places just 2.5 miles south of Georgetown Road. It offers an alternative, non-motorised route that links the neighbourhoods with green spaces and business districts.

The North Chagrin Reservation Purpose Trail is a two-mile route that crosses the northeast outskirts of Cleveland, north of the city limits and east of Interstate 480. The Rocky River Res Reservation Purpose Trail runs through a wooded park on the east side of Lake Erie. It is a traditional suburban path that runs parallel to Valley Parkway through several western suburbs in and around Cleveland.

The Stark Electric Railway Trail runs along a former interstate railway line that connected Canton and Salem with Louisville Alliance and Sebring from 1902 to 1939. The Morgana Run Trail runs along the east side of Lake Erie, north of the city limits and east of Interstate 480. It runs two miles from Abbeyville Road to Lester Road in York Township and then south to the Ohio State University campus.

The Newton Falls Trail, built along a former railroad bed, follows the Mahoning River, which winds through downtown. The North Coast Inland Trail stretches from Indiana to Pennsylvania and connects roads and paths with the Ohio River and Lake Erie, and the Great Lakes from Ohio to Indiana. South Chagrin Reservation Purpose Trail offers a 2-mile trail along the south side of the lake from the city limits to South Main Street. Ohio - Erie Trail is a 2.5-mile hiking trail from downtown Cleveland to Lake Superior State Park.

More About Brook Park

More About Brook Park