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Located in Marblehead, east of Sandusky, this park has one of the most beautiful beaches on Lake Erie. Located at the East Harbor State Park Campground, which offers Wi-Fi, this hotel is just a few miles south of Brook Park, Ohio.

With its well drivable road, Mount Erie is a great destination for a day hike and also has a path to the summit. You can approach the summit from the hiking trail or access it from the East Harbor State Park Campground, a few miles south of Brook Park, Ohio.

If you camp in one of the 10 huts in the park, the beautiful landscape will capture your attention. Several photos of each campsite will help you rate each campsite and we archive all our older reviews (up to 36 months) to keep them relevant for future trips.

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Ohio has the longest coastline in Lake Erie State and also hosts some of the best beaches on the lake. As someone who has stayed at this property before, I am sure you have been told by others that many of the beaches of Ohio's Lake Cleveland are accessible from Brook Park, Ohio, just a few miles away.

If you happen to be driving down from Columbus, it doesn't take long to drive from Brook Park to the coast to enjoy magnificent views of Lake Cleveland and Lake Erie from the beach.

Lake Erie covers a shoreline of three-quarters of a mile, bounded by the Ohio River, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, and the Great Lakes. The park is located on the shores of the lake and offers spectacular views of Lake Cleveland, Cleveland Bay and the Cleveland River. The road, Highway 5, is a short drive from Brook Park, Ohio, to the east side of Cleveland. From the east, you'll head to Dunkirk, Silver Creek and Irving, where you'll find the most fuel-efficient in New York.

The Central Lowlands dominate the western part of the Ohio landscape, and the Huron-Erie-Lake Plains surround parts of northwestern Ohio and Lake Erie. This nearly flat region marks the former extent of Lake Erie, when the last Wisconsin glaciers retreated from Ohio.

More About Brook Park

More About Brook Park