The Pumpkin Spice Trend Might Be Over

Published 09-20-2018

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After years of over-hyping and some delicious (but quite a few nasty) seasonal products, it looks as though the fall pumpkin spice trend is officially plateauing. Are you sad? We're not! We dread fall every year for this exact reason. Year after year all of our favorite fall flavors like cider, maple, apple, and pecan are squashed under the too-sweet orange dominance of pumpkin spice, but now it appears as though that may be ending.

The Best And Worst Pumpkin Spice Lattes

According to new data released by Yelp, the fall flavor now most commonly mentioned in reviews on the site is cider. As in apple cider doughnuts, cider beer, and even apple orchards. Take that, pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin spice hummus, and pumpkin spice cereal! We would much rather munch on cider doughnuts while walking through an apple orchard that sit at home with a pumpkin spice tummy-ache.

Along with observing the PSL plateau and imminent decline, the review-based site also noticed that mentions of cinnamon and butternut squash were on the rise as well. Maple was popular for a minute in 2013, but ultimately it came and went. Stop trying to make maple happen, America!

According to Yelp, the top 5 places in the U.S. to get our new fave fall flavor, cider, right now are Cider Bite in Portland, Oregon, Arsenal Cider House & Wine Cellar in Pittsburgh, Crush Cider Café in Hood River, Oregon, Broski Ciderworks in Pompano Beach, Florida, and Serpentine Cider in San Diego.

The autumnal season is only two days away, but if you've been scoping out the best place to pick up a warm cup of apple cider (or even a PSL) for the past few months already, you're definitely obsessed with fall.

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