This Is the Ultimate Leftover Turkey Sandwich, Recipes

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Thanksgiving Day, Christmas and the holidays in general are all about indulging in good food and drink with family and friends. Households spend time prepping and cooking, making dishes ahead of the big day, researching stuffing recipes and fighting over which pie really is the best holiday dessert. Turkey, gravy, stuffing and cranberry sauce are all undeniably delicious on Thanksgiving day, but often, the real food-induced excitement comes the following day.

Holiday leftovers are a celebration in their own right. Often in the scramble leading up to festivities and the buzz of cheery drinking, the actual meal goes by in a bit of a blur and the whole day generally ends in a peaceful and satisfied cozy nest of overindulgence. But with the arrival of the next day comes a new chance to enjoy the tasty morsels that were so lovingly prepared for the day before.

Ahh, the leftover turkey sandwich! It truly is one of the joys of the holidays! But which combination of bread, turkey and fixins really reigns supreme? Read on for not one, but 11 great recipes for the ultimate leftover turkey sandwich!

Classic White Bread Turkey Sandwich Recipe

The success of this sandwich definitely relies on the quality of your leftovers, but ultimately you can't beat a classic! Make sure you have some top-notch soft white bread to make this recipe.

For the Classic White Bread Turkey Sandwich recipe, click here.

Day-After-Thanksgiving Croque-Madame

Give your leftover turkey sandwich a wonderful French twist and turn it into a croque-madame! Complete with mashed potatoes and a fried egg, this recipe makes leftovers shine.

For the Day-After-Thanksgiving Croque-Madame recipe, click here.

Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Tacos

While not technically a sandwich, tacos are always a solid way to use leftover turkey. After all, who doesn't love tacos?

For the Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Tacos recipe, click here.

Rosa Mexicano

Leftover Turkey Sandwich With Muenster Cheese and Cranberry Sauce Recipe

Add some Muenster cheese into the mix, the savory and salty flavors in this recipe pair incredibly well with a spread of sweet and tart cranberry sauce.

For the Leftover Turkey Sandwich With Muenster Cheese and Cranberry Sauce recipe, click here.

Pulled Turkey Sandwiches With Barbecue Sauce

Transform that leftover turkey into this pulled turkey sandwich - tender (repurposed) pulled turkey smothered with barbecue sauce between two slices of crusty white bread.

For the Pulled Turkey Sandwiches With Barbecue Sauce recipe, click here.

Thanksgiving Grilled Cheese

Make this awesome Thanksgiving leftover-inspired sandwich with Cabot Clothbound Cheddar, curry mayo, and leftover roast turkey and stuffing.

For the Thanksgiving Grilled Cheese recipe, click here.

The Deen Brothers' Perfect Turkey Sandwich

Jazz things up in your next leftover turkey sandwich with a hearty schmear of lemon-basil mayonnaise, Gruyère cheese and multi-grain bread.

For the Deen Brothers' Perfect Turkey Sandwich recipe, click here.

The Ultimate Leftover Thanksgiving Sandwich

No one can argue with the flavor combination of turkey, stuffing, and cranberry, but we assure you that our recipe for this sandwich is unlike any other, taking each and every step into careful consideration.

For the Ultimate Leftover Thanksgiving Sandwich recipe, click here.

Turkey BLT Sandwich

What's better than a perfect BLT? Why, a leftover turkey BLT of course! This recipe is the perfect not-too-heavy antidote to a day filled with eating too many delicious things.

For the Turkey BLT Sandwich recipe, click here.

Turkey Leftover Empanada

Ok, so this recipe definitely veers from the sandwich path quite a bit, but making leftover turkey into empanadas is just a genius idea and must be mentioned!

For the Turkey Leftover Empanada recipe, click here.

Turkey Salad Thanksgiving Sandwich

Alton Brown shared with us his secret for the ultimate Thanksgiving sandwich: deviled eggs. To make the sandwich, we started with preparing an egg salad with the deviled eggs and then we combined that with Thanksgiving leftover staples like turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. If this recipe piques your interest, make sure you make and have on hand any of these 20 heavenly twists on the deviled egg.

For the Turkey Salad Thanksgiving Sandwich recipe, click here.

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