11 Desserts Perfect for Passover

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This super-simple recipe quickly transforms simple matzos into an indulgent dessert.

For the Chocolate Caramel Matzo recipe, click here.


Perfectly Squidgy Coconut Macaroons

These gluten-free macaroons, which are completely flour-free, are the perfect sweet treat.

For the Coconut Macaroons recipe, click here.


Double Chocolate Sorbet

It may be vegan, but don't be fooled: This chocolate sorbet will be your new favorite ice-cold treat.

For the Double Chocolate Sorbet recipe, click here.


Easy, No-Bake Chocolate Matzo Cake

This recipe only has three ingredients, and it takes about 10 minutes to prepare. It requires no baking, because it sets in the refrigerator.

For the Easy, No-Bake Chocolate Matzo Cake recipe, click here.


Flourless Chocolate Cake With Meringue Topping

This rich, meringue-topped chocolate cake makes for the most decadent Passover dessert.

For the Flourless Chocolate Cake With Meringue Topping recipe, click here.


Fudgy Flourless Chocolate-Walnut Cookies

Made in one bowl, these simple meringue-style cookies are a dream for serving at Passover, or to gluten-free friends any time.

For the Flourless Chocolate-Walnut Cookies recipe, click here.


Matzo Brei

Alon Shaya's interpretation of the Passover classic, matzo brei, uses orange blossom water and is topped with a rosewater-fudge sauce.

For the Matzo Brei recipe, click here.


Pastel-Striped Meringue Kisses

Carefully piped, stripy meringues are the prettiest edible dessert.

For the Meringue Kisses recipe, click here.


Silky Olive Oil Chocolate Mousse

Extra-virgin olive oil replaces the cream in this dairy-free chocolate mousse recipe.

For the Olive Oil Chocolate Mousse recipe, click here.


Passover Pareve Apple Cake

Flour has been swapped for matzo cake meal in this kosher-for-Passover apple cake recipe.

For the Passover Pareve Apple Cake recipe, click here.


Rosemary Almond Cake With Olive Oil and Orange Zest

This light yet intensely flavorful cake is a perfect finishing point to your Passover meal. For some delectable main course inspiration, check out these 11 essential Passover recipes.

For the Rosemary Almond Cake With Olive Oil and Orange Zest recipe, click here.

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